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Steven Pheterson


lives in: 45 Exchange Blvd. Third Floor Rochester, NY 14614

Steven J. Pheterson (Partner) has been able to see what was truly missing in the areas of business law and life planning. Mr. Pheterson, a highly experienced attorney, has spent many successful years serving clients. He frequently lectures on issues involving real estate closings, commercial estate, and the unlawful practice of law and is a title agent for Stewart Title. Mr. Pheterson combines a real-world understanding with the knowledge of an attorney, to give you the advice and the partner you need to make the best decisions.


Steven J. Pheterson has been nominated for the prestigious membership of ‘Lawyers of Distinction’ in recognition of his achievements and excellence in the practice of law, in ‘The American Lawyer and The National Law Journal – a periodic publication of Lawyers of Distinction, 4700 Millenia Blvd Suite 175, Orlando, FL 32839, the fastest growing legal organization in the United States.

Practice Areas

Real Estate (Commercial & Residential) ✓

Mediation ✓

Corporate Law ✓