Property Valuation Litigation

We are unique among firms in Upstate New York in that it has organized a practice group specifically devoted to condemnation, real property tax and business valuation issues. Not only are real property taxes some of the most significant expenses facing many of our clients but community development issues involving condemnation procedure and valuation directly affect the business environment in which our clients compete. Our attorneys have been responsible for saving our clients many thousands of dollars in real property taxes annually.

We are at the forefront of creative resolution of real property tax burdens, which often involves complex negotiations with various levels of municipal government and issues of project finance, economic development programs and frequent interaction with industrial development agencies throughout the state. We regularly negotiate and craft settlement agreements, which are proactive and meet the needs of our business clients as well as the communities in which they operate. We also have extensive experience in and can assist the taxpayer in obtaining tax exemptions, in determining intangible valuation and functional and economic obsolescence at industrial facilities.